Woman Paid $100 for An iPhone; Thought She Got the iPhone for a Bargain Price

The woman was furious after knowing that she got a box of potatoes for $100. [Image Credit: Viralhog/Youtube]
The woman was furious after knowing that she got a box of potatoes for $100. [Image Credit: Viralhog/Youtube]

A lot of us would love to get things on a bargain. However, we cannot get enough of bargains. That is why the Black Friday Sale (and also the Cyber Monday) is the biggest event everyone who loves sale wishes to get discounts for every year.

One tip for you not to lose money on useless things: Make sure to buy from legit shops and stores. Sometimes, the lower the price is, the riskier it is to buy it. Things may be too good to be true so make sure to check. Something a woman from Wisconsin was not able to do.

What Happened

A woman from Wisconsin thought she hit the jackpot when she bought an iPhone 6 at a bargain price of $100. But when she got home and checked the item, she was shocked when she saw 11 rotten potatoes instead of a slick, new phone.

The woman thought she got a bargain when the driver who sold her the item agreed to sell the phone for just $100. Thinking she will not be fooled by the very low price, she also asked the seller that she will check the phone for any defects. She also requested the driver to call the phone, and when it successfully rang, she immediately handed her $100.

However, when she goes home, she was very shocked and horrified to find out that she was scammed and the box she had was filled with 11 pieces of chopped and rotten tomatoes.

“So I ask the guy about the iPhone 6 and he’s like, ‘Ah yeah, today, I will give it to you for $100.’ He hands me an iPhone 6, I’m playing with it, turning it around, checking it. I asked him to call the phone and he showed me the number and I’m like, ‘Cool, it’s legit. It’s ringing. It’s working. I want it. I sit at my kitchen table about to play with the phone.. The box is heavy, and I get home, and this n****r sold me a box of potatoes!”

More Insult

To add salt to the injury (or maybe this time, on the potatoes), the scammer also packed an Android charger in the box. The woman yells in disappointment saying:

“What the heck am I supposed to do with this? I am so hurt right now imma have to go to jail, imma goes outside and imma find these old n****s. What am I supposed to do with – oh you almost made me cuss.”

[Image Credit: Viralhog/Youtube]
[Image Credit: Viralhog/Youtube]
The victim is not sure whether she will be able to find the man who sold her the potatoes and get her money back. Here is the video that the victim uploaded. See how furious she was about being conned:

Before buying anything else, especially during a sale, make sure to research about the product first and don’t be tempted by extremely low prices. If you are purchasing something online, make sure to check the reviews of the online shops.


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