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Woman Who Was Living Her Life in Sweden Gives Up Everything and Finds Her Paradise in the Philippines

When you are bored with everything that you do, and everything seems like a cycle, you will feel that you need to change everything. However, those changes might sometimes require you to change your job, your zip code, and even your social circle. Sanne Sevig chooses to go with the flow, and she went to the Philippines, the country she now calls her new home.

[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]

Who is Sanne Sevig?

Sanne was 25 and was studying in the University of Skovde in Sweden while working as a manager at a Stockholm clothing company and at the same time, running her own company and lecturing all over the world. You can imagine just how busy and stressful her life was before.

I had too many things going on at once and was never satisfied.”

[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]
[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]

After living her stressful and fast-paced life for several years, Sanne started to see signs of fatigue. She could not tolerate being alone in silence and was also experiencing troubles when sleeping at night.

I was smoking at the time, and I couldn’t even go out for a cigarette and be quiet during the two minutes it takes. I had a panic attack. It was so quiet, and I felt like shit. Then came the feeling that I couldn’t live like this anymore.”

[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]
[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]

Decision That Changed Her Life

In 2012, she fainted in her car while driving. She was very lucky to leave the accident uninjured. The very next day, she decided to resign from her job and move abroad. She also asked her Facebook friends for suggestions.

A friend she met while backpacking several years ago mentioned that she had moved to Manila and she can stay there for free. Sanne decided to make a big change in her life, and four years later, she arrived in Manila.

[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]
[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]

Starting Over

She instantly fell in love with the Philippines that she found herself selling everything she owned to start a new life in the place she now calls home. She’s already staying in the country for four years, and from her income and savings, she was able to put up a hostel on the island of Siargao.

When I came here, I was riding in a car from the airport and had my nose pressed against the window and thought oh well, no I’ve found my home. I had not even had a single day on the job.”

[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]
[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]
[Image Credit: sannesevig/Instagram]

Her life in the Philippines is the exact opposite of her life in her native country. She is now living a peaceful and worry-free life next to the beach.


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