Wife Swallowed $7,000 Cash Savings as a Revenge to the Cheating Husband!

In a world where the hashtag #WalangForever exists, it is really difficult to be assured of someone’s love, trust, and fidelity. This is the reason why a lot of cheating incidents by either the husband or the wife happens. But what comes after the pain of being cheated on is the reality that in separations of the couple, there is what we call as the Conjugal Property.

This concept states that whatever savings or properties acquired after marriage by either both parties, it’s going to be declared as “joint” property. A 28-year-old woman in Colombia, Sandra Milena Almeida, unfortunately, discovered that her husband was cheating on her. And as what human instinct would tell, she was very angry that she decided to leave her husband taking with her their savings!

What’s worse is that the husband found out about the plan and asked her to return the part of the money that is supposed to be his part. With the belief that the husband doesn’t deserve even just a single dime of their hard-earned money due to his unfaithfulness, she SWALLOWED the $7,000 cash and left her husband!

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