Two Students Sell Their Virginity Through an Online Escort Agency to Finance Their Studies

Two young students are selling their virginity through Cinderella Escorts in exchange for easy money. [Image Credit: The Sun]
Two young students are selling their virginity through Cinderella Escorts in exchange for easy money. [Image Credit: The Sun]

A lot of people are suffering from financial problems. Many of us do everything that we can just to make ends meet. Some are working thrice as hard as they can while there are also others who are working several jobs just to provide for their families.

Easy Money

Unfortunately, there are also others who are looking for easy money. These people are ready to sell their body in exchange for money.

Cinderella Escorts is a popular website for young and old people who are interested in buying women’s virginity online. This online escort company is run by a 27-year-old man named Jan Zakobielski from his bedroom in his parent’s home in Germany.

Not His Own Decision

When asked why he is taking part in the exploration of women, Zakobielski revealed that he did not push them to sell their bodies.

No one makes these young women do anything they don’t want to do. They have their own minds and their own opinions on sexuality.

If a customer wants to have sexual intimacy with any of the available escorts online, he needs to deposit 40% of the total agreed amount to Cinderella’s bank before the meeting. The remaining amount is paid in cash to the escort upon meeting.

[Image Source: The Sun]
[Image Source: The Sun]

Two Young Women Willing to Sell Their Body

Two students, Lola (18) and Monica (20) are offering their v-cards for the right price.

Lola sells her virginity to use the money to support her studies as well as to pay off her family’s debts.

I will use the money to help my family out of debt. Many people will disapprove of my decision, but how many people stay with the person who took their virginity for the rest of their lives? Not many at all. Then I prefer to do it this way. At least my feelings won’t get hurt.

[Image Source: The Sun]
[Image Source: The Sun]
Monica, however, has a slightly different reason. According to her, she hadn’t found someone worth losing her dignity and selling it can help her finance her studies in the university which is expensive.

The minimum bid for the two young ladies is currently at £20,000 (around $26,000).


Are you willing to lose your virginity and dignity to earn easy money? What will you feel if one of these two ladies is your daughter or sister?


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