Two Bags Containing Illegal Drugs and Thousands of Money! Surrendered by a Taxi Driver.

Stories of honest taxi drivers being praised and followed by a lot of netizens are well known in this era. Simply because in this life where a lot of dishonest people, we can rarely see someone doing acts of kindness for others by doing their ordinary jobs extra-ordinarily well. This is similar to the features news in Raffy Tulfo’s show in TV5, where as taxi driver returned two bags of money which he initially thought as “purely money” inside. To his surprise, the bag doesn’t only contain the P300,000 but also a half kilo of what appears to be methamphetamine or commonly labeled as “shabu”.

To seek proper guidance and follow protocol, the TV Show’s team immediately contacted the authorities to take over the situation. National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Superintendent Oscar Albayalde after investigating went to the show and answered the series of questions given by the reporter. According to him, this is the first time that such thing happened and it is possibly because of the seem to be temporary “cease fire” against drugs.

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