Public Marriage Proposals That Horribly Went Wrong

Not all marriage proposals ended in a happy ending. [Image Credit: Pexels]
Not all marriage proposals ended in a happy ending. [Image Credit: Pexels]

Marriage proposals are a big deal for a lot of people, especially to women. To make sure that it turns out romantic and memorable, a man needs to plan it well and throughly. However, even the best of preparations may not guarantee that the woman will accept the proposal.

No matter how long the preparation time was, it can still go south despite the best efforts and good intentions. What makes it even worse is that when some men decided to do the proposal in a public place, other people stand as witnesses to the failure. Can you imagine the double heartbreak/

Here are three public marriage proposals that totally went wrong. Sometimes, it is a better idea to propose in private.

A Ukulele as a Tool for a Marriage Proposal

This proposal happened in Dubai. A guy and his girlfriend are going steady for three months when he decided to propose to her while in a mall. As they approached a group of musicians, the man suddenly picked up the microphone and popped the magical question.

The problem is, the girl got uncomfortable and can’t help herself to say “Oh my God, everyone’s watching” and proceeded to do something unexpected.

UCLA Basketball Game Proposal

During an UCLA basketball game, a man suddenly proposed to his girlfriend after being captured by “Kiss Cam.” He dropped to his one knee and said:

I knew I was going to do this the first day I met you, so I know this is going to sound corny but.. will you marry me?

Unfortunately, the feeling was not mutual. He got rejected not only in front of his girl but of 10,000 people.

The Longest Two Minutes

This one is not exactly an epic fail proposal because the girl did not storm off or hit the guy. The guy, Adrian, came up with the idea of proposing to his girlfriend Libby who was removing newspaper from their new salon’s window. However, she was too focused on the task that she did not notice him outside the door.

He went on his knee for two minutes, which is very painful, and broken his back for eight days.


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