Popular Actor and Rapper Carlos Agassi Hits on Women Online

Carlos Agassi is now under public scrutiny after sending malicious messages to women.
Carlos Agassi is now under public scrutiny after sending malicious messages to women.

Do you enjoy using social media? How often do you use it in a day? If you will ask a group of people, nine out of ten will say that they own a social media account, especially Facebook. With the new generation that we have, Facebook is almost a part of anyone’s daily routine.

Just like other ordinary social media users, celebrities often respond, like, and repost anything they like or see fancy. However, if you are a fan, it can be the world to you. When your favorite actor, actress or idol responds to your message, it is like hitting a jackpot.

What more if a famous person adds you on Facebook, right?

Different Scenario

However, for a Facebook user named Summer Sayson, it is a different story. Popular actor, rapper, and model Carlos Agassi added her on Facebook. Since they have mutual friends, she decided to accept his friend request.

After accepting the request, Carlos or Amir as people usually call him, used Facebook’s Wave option before sending her a message.

At first, the conversation was like a normal friendly talk. But when Agassi asked for her number and for them to meet, which Sayson refused to do so, Agassi unfriended her immediately.

Not the First Incident

When Sayson posted the story on Facebook, it already received 875 reactions, 460 shares, and several comments.

Several women shared their own experiences dealing with the actor, all the same scenario as Sayson.

A user named Mayumi Yokoyama received an invitation from Agassi, but it turned out that her boyfriend knows the actor.

Meanwhile, he invited Alynna Valbuena to see him immediately after his taping from Alabang. He even offered to pay for her Uber.

Receiving invitations from popular celebrities maybe overwhelming. But for several women, it is better to be careful rather than to suffer the consequences in the end. Always remember: Be careful of the people you are dealing with online.


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