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Photographer Captures Killer Whale Up in the Air While Chasing Dolphin

The 60-year-old photographer Christopher Swann was having his tropical vacation in Baja, California, Mexico. He was on his boat when he suddenly noticed a chase going on in the seas.

He watched several killer whales swimming and hunting for their cute prey – dolphins. He then sailed to follow the whales for 45 minutes until they started attacking a bottlenose dolphin.


The perfect shot of a killer whale and dolphin up in the air during a chase.
The perfect shot of a killer whale and dolphin up in the air during a chase.

Swann talked about how he needed to stop the boat to watch the action as the chase had become too fast to follow. Luckily for him, the chase happened around his spot.

The whole scenario was dramatic and exciting for the photographer. He even thought a whale would land on his team’s boat when it leapt almost five meters out of the water.

The hunt lasted for about 90 minutes. No dolphin was seen caught.  This made Swann think that killer whales might also like to play with their prey as the usual attacks are quicker.

The dolphin landed back to the water after the killer whale sent it up in the air.


Following the whales and waiting for a few hours were worth it for Swann as he took great shots of the action that may be too fast to see in an actual event.

One of the best was the shot where you’ll see the whale sending the bottlenose dolphin up in the air. The dolphin and killer whale dived perfectly back in the water.

Killer whales, also known as orcas or orca whales, have always looked cute when you see them on pictures or videos. However, they pretty much live by their name as they are the ocean’s most fearsome predators.

No one can stop the killer whale from following its prey.

What’s more interesting about killer whales is the fact that they are not whales! (Why the name then?) They are dolphins, and the largest among its kind.

Besides dolphins smaller than them, killer whales also eat fish, squids, seabirds, seals, sea lions, and even whales – the real ones this time.

The largest killer whale caught was around 32 feet long and 9,979 kilograms. Because of their big size, they belong to the top of the food chain.

Do you still think these predators are cute?

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