A Modern Day Cinderella! Beautiful Vietnamese Dishwasher Goes Trending!

Have you heard about the modern day Cinderella story of this Vietnamese girl?

The 24-year-old beauty sparked the curiosity and interest of netizens as a photo of her washing the dishes circulated online. She doesn’t seem to be a dishwasher at all but a real princess! So let’s take a look at the world of this Cinderella beauty!

Looking at her photo, you might be thinking that she’s a model, an artist, or someone who came from a very wealthy family. Her angelic face has truly captured the hearts of so many people. So what’s her real story?

Surprisingly, she’s currently a student at the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. Aside from that, she also managed to help her parents in working at their restaurant since she was 14. She’s not merely a dishwasher! She also goes around the nearby areas and distributes flyers and leaflets and she also gives a hand in the kitchen area of the restaurant! Isn’t that amazing?



She dreams to be a successful app developer when she graduates so she can help her parents further. A beauty that comes from within and radiated through her face!


Is it really possible that a girl like her would not only be simply beautiful but also loving, diligent, and tech-savvy! She’s really one of a kind!


Tell us below how you appreciate Nguyen Thi Hai Yen; the modern Cinderella!

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