Millionaire Hides Treasures Worth $2 Million in The Rocky Mountains and Left Clues in His Poem

The millionaire hid a treasure chest with $2 million worht of treasure inside. [Image Credit: NPR]
The millionaire hid a treasure chest with $2 million worht of treasure inside. [Image Credit: NPR]

Treasure hunting is a fun and exciting activity, especially if you know that high prizes are at stake. Going on an adventure of solving clues and ending it with something of great value will surely make everything more thrilling.

This is what a multi-millionaire from New Mexico, Forrest Fenn did. Fenn promised thrill-seekers that new adventures and great rewards will be given. Gold coins and real gems are at stake.

[Image Credit: NPR]

How It Started

Fenn was an antiquities dealer who started burying the treasure chest filled with gems and gold in the Rocky Mountains in 2010. You need to read his self-composed poem to get the clues hidden within the words.

After hearing the rewarding challenge, thousands of people joined the quest of finding the chest full of rewards.

[Image Credit: NPR]

The Goal

According to the self-taught archaeologist, his goal is to make people get off their couches and explore the wilderness. Because of the huge prizes at stake, people could not resist the offer. Some people wrote to Fenn to share their adventures and stressful experiences while looking for the treasure chest.

The gold coins and jewels, which are reportedly valued at $2 million are enclosed in an ornate Romanesque box which measures at 10 by 10 inches and are weighing around 40 pounds. The location of the chest is said to be between Santa Fe and the Canadian border at above 5,000 feet. The multi-millionaire also assured the participants that it is not placed in a mine, graveyard or near a structure.

He also revealed that no one else knows about the location of the treasure except for him.

If I die tomorrow, the knowledge of that location goes in the coffin with me.

[Image Credit: NPR]

Possible Cancelation

Although it seems all but fun, the treasure hunt already claimed the lives of two people: a lead pastor named Paris Wallace from the Connection Church in Grand Junction, Colorado and a 54-year-old grandfather named Randy Bilyeu.

According to ABC News, the police already urged Fenn to end the said treasure hunt. He described the deaths as tragic and even reached out to people not to overextend themselves when it comes to searching for the treasure chest. He is also considering canceling the search or to make the adventure easier for the participants.

Fenn provided a lot of clues in the poem, nine clues to be exact, but only a few people were able to come close to discovering the chest.

They were 200 feet away from the hiding place.

[Image Credit: NPR]

Over the years, he dropped more hints in his book. Now, he gave a new clue saying that he knows the chest is wet.

A lot of people who are searching for the treasure don’t see it the same way I do. I would love if someone found it tomorrow but if nobody found it for a hundred years, that’s okay with me too.

[Image Credit: NPR]

If you will find the $2 million worth of treasure, what is the first thing you will do? Let us know in the comment section below!


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