Meet the World’s Hottest Soldier: Kim Mellibovsky of Israel

World’s hottest soldier is in Israel [Image Credit: Elite Readers]
World’s hottest soldier is in Israel [Image Credit: Elite Readers]

There are a lot of things popular in Israel and one of these things is the rules in the military. Unlike other countries, serving in the military is compulsory in Israel. If you are looking for the best place to see beautiful women, believe it or not, that place is the military, particularly the Armed Forces.

In fact, one of these angels came to light after her photos went viral online. Kim Mellibovsky, dubbed as the hottest Israeli solider to date, made it to the top list (and search engines) of people.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this beauty.

#1. She is definitely one of a kind.

#2. Kim’s social media following is getting bigger and bigger every day.

#3. There is clearly a reason why.

#4. Just to start, this is one for the reasons.

#5. She is definitely giving “beach body” a run for its money.

#6. Here’s what she looks like when she is in uniform.

#7. She also got thousands of followers on Instagram.

#8. Her social media account is packed with these pics.

#9. He also knows how to enslave a man.

#10. Can you resist her?

#11. Her body definitely accentuates her beauty.

#12. She loves going to the beach.

#13. Flaunting her toned stomach and enviable curves.

#14. She looks stunning in every bikini she wears.

#15. And even in casual wears.

#16. She even received a gift from her fan.

#17. She is really killing it.

#18. There is a reason why women envy her.

#19. Believe it or not, Kim is just in her early 20’s.

#20. Like every Israeli, she started her service at the age of 18.


What can you say? Will you tell her “arrest me now” too? We will, definitely!



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