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Massive Sinkhole Surprises Biker Who Plunges Straight in It

Life is full of surprises.  You could’ve been happily driving along the peaceful road until a sinkhole eats you alive. That’s what happened in Beihai City, China.

Caught on CCTV camera, a 32-feet wide sinkhole opened on the road.


It was only a matter of seconds when the sinkhole appeared; a motorbike rider missed the breaks and went straight down the hole.

Two civilians who saw the incident helped the biker right away to get out of the surprising massive hole.

Fortunately, the rider only had minor injuries.

The police immediately closed the area around the sinkhole. Reparations on the hole started the day after, but it may take days before it can be filled and laid with new asphalt again.

Sinkholes naturally occur in limestone areas. They happen more in tropical, moist climates than those in dry ones.

Rocks underground like limestone and gypsum dissolve in water. If water has been long trapped underground, it may cause natural currents that can dissolve the rocks.

This occurrence weakens the surface that gets thinner until it can’t hold anything above it anymore.

Sinkholes also occur on grounds that don’t have rocks that dissolve in water. Surfaces with grains down under can break down too as what’s underneath them can be easily washed away by underground water currents.

It can also be caused by high water pressure below ground. This can be leaks triggered by floods or storms.

Sinkholes may naturally happen, but they don’t fail to make people surprised, curious, and even scared. It makes you question what the world is up to.

These sinkholes can get so deep and wide that they can swallow an entire three-story building in Guatemala or even houses in Florida.

It keeps people freaked out because, of course, no one knows when they’ll fall into a new one.

Just like this man, Steven Suarez, from New York who’s coming back to work after lunch. While walking down the road in Brooklyn, he stepped on a small sinking hole that dragged him down.

Lucky enough for him, the sinkhole didn’t swallow him whole. The hole instead got his leg stuck on the spot for an hour until an emergency crew successfully frees his leg and took him to the hospital.

The world’s deepest sinkhole so far is in Chongqing, China, reaching down 662 meters.

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