Man Kills Pregnant Neighbor Who Repeatedly Asks Him When Is He Getting Married

The offended man killed his pregnant neighbor in Indonesia.
The offended man killed his pregnant neighbor in Indonesia.

Even when the people you are closed to ask you the dreaded question, “when are you getting married?”, it can still be annoying and bordering angering, especially if people bug you about it all the time. Next time, be very careful when asking questions, especially if you are asking personal ones.

Take the story of an angry guy who took things to his hands and decided to stop his neighbor for good by taking her life. This may sound outrageous but that happened in Indonesia recently and netizens all over the world were in shock after learning the horrific incident.

Offended by the Question

A 28-year-old Faiz Nurdin living in Kampung Pasir Jonge killed his 32-year-old pregnant neighbor named Aisyah. The reason behind it? The female neighbor often asks Faiz if when he is getting married and he took the questioning negatively.

According to other local residents, Faiz was sitting quietly in front of his house when the pregnant neighbor passed by and talked to him.

Faster get married, the others are already married, why aren’t you getting married yet?

The golden question offended the suspect which lead him to come up with an evil plan.

Coming Up With an Evil Plan

He visited Aisyah later that day and when he got to her house, he followed her to the room and pushed her to the bed.

He took the pregnant’s life by strangling her to death with his bare hands. Although she tried to fight for her life by biting his finger, Faiz was too strong.

After committing the crime, Faiz also stole the victim’s smartphone and cash amounting to $59. Although he managed to escape to Kalidares, Jakarta, police were able to spot him and shot him in the leg.

If proven guilty, Faiz will be facing a lifetime imprisonment.


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