Heart Warming Moment: Father Receives a Gift From His 11-Year-Old Son

The father receives a gift from his loving son. [Image Credit: UNILAD/Facebook]
The father receives a gift from his loving son. [Image Credit: UNILAD/Facebook]

As parents, one of the obligations is to look after your children and make sure that they are always happy. We need to make sure that they always have good food to eat, clothes to wear, send them to school, and give them rewards especially after doing a job well done or if it’s a special day like Christmas or birthdays. As the time goes by, you will be surprised how your child will reciprocate the love you have for them.

Gift From a Loving Son

This is exactly what an 11-year-old boy gave to his father. The loving moment of the father and son was caught on camera. The father can be seen receiving a gift from his boy. Upon receiving the gift, without knowing what’s inside, we can see how excited the father is.

Interestingly enough, the content of the box is what the father, named Mike Burr, has always wanted. It will definitely be worth it as the money spent in buying the item all came from the son’s savings. Most of the money he used to buy the gift for his father came from the money he received for his birthday.

Not So Easy

But the boy did not make the unwrapping easy to surprise his father more. The item was hidden carefully inside several boxes. When the father though he is in the last box, another box comes out.

The mother can be heard saying:

And Mike, just so you know, he saved all his birthday money to buy you this. Every single penny.

When the last box finally came out, Burr cannot believe what he sees. He even jokingly asked his son if it is real. Maybe in disbelief, since he did not expect his son to give him the gift he always wanted.

Are you kidding me?

There is no doubt that the son just wanted the best for his dad to make him happy on his birthday.

Check out the video below and see what Mike got on his birthday.


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