Former Street Child Surpasses the Challenges and is Now Working as a Call Center Agent

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A lot of children now are not aware of the value of money, especially if they did not work hard for it. Some can easily throw away their parent’s hard-earned cash to shop until they drop. There are also others who throw a tantrum every time they cannot get what they want, without realizing how hard it is to earn money.

Luckily, there is still some youth who values money. Make sure to keep your handkerchiefs handy, since this story will surely touch your hearts.

[Image Credit: Front Row/Facebook]

Inspiring People to Dream Big

Meet Danilo Macababbad, a 24-year-old call center agent. Being a call center agent may be normal, especially in Metro Manila, but Danilo’s story is different. He used to be a street kid when his parents died.

Just like other orphans, he didn’t have relatives to take him in, so Danilo was forced to live on the streets. To earn money for food, he collected old newspapers and sell them in junk shops. The earnings were very small, compared with the amount of effort and time he invested, but he did it so he could have some food to eat.

[Image Credit: Front Row/Facebook]

Changing His Life for the Better

Whenever it’s difficult to find newspapers and other recyclable materials that he can sell, he would get the free food for street children so he could sustain himself. He experienced having no food to eat, but his dreams are far bigger than his hunger. He knew that living on the street would continue to be difficult, but if he has a good job, he will be able to feed himself without worrying about the meal.

He tried applying in a call center and luckily, he passed.

[Image Credit: Front Row/Facebook]
Danilo’s life already greatly improved. Although there are still some challenges, he is doing his best to overcome everything and succeed in life.

After his story was featured on the Facebook Page Front Row, a lot of people expressed their admiration on how Danilo was able to survive his problems and used them as stepping stone to his success.

Danilo’s success story is truly inspiring, right? If you are in his shoes, what do you think you will do?


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