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Floating Hotel Room Allows Guest to Adrift in the Ocean and Gaze at the Stars At Night

The floating hotel will take you to a deserted resort island. [Image Credit: Huis Ten Bosch/Japan Times]

The Japanese company Huis Ten Bosch is popular because of their over-the-top theme park located in the city of Sasebo in Nagasaki. The whole theme park is modeled after a 17th-century Dutch enclave. The company made a huge announcement to the public that they will be offering a floating hotel room under the Mizukami Hotel brand.

[Image Credit: Visit Nagasaki]
[Image Credit: Visit Nagasaki]

The Floating Hotel Rooms

These floating hotel rooms will be placed at the theme park. From the theme park, they will be set to adrift to a desert island. This desert island was purchased by Huis Ten Bosch specifically for the floating hotel rooms. The island is currently being developed into a luxury resort.

Initially, there will be two floating hotel rooms to be introduced. These floating rooms will be equipped with the state-of-the-art self-steering mechanism that is guided by a mapping system. The coordinates of the exact location of the resort will be programmed in the rooms’ systems.

These floating hotel rooms are between 36 to 38 square meters in size. It will be split into two levels: The first level is the bathroom and the living room while the second level is where you can find the double bed. These pods can accommodate up to four people: Two can stay in the lower level while two can stay in the upper level.

[Image Credit: Japan Info]

The Special Feature

The highlight of the floating hotel rooms is the pod’s see-through dome roof. It allows the guests to gaze at the stars while the pod is drifting in the ocean.

[Image Credit: Japan Info]

However, with all the features that the floating room has, it will definitely not come cheap, but it is not insanely expensive too. An overnight stay in the floating hotel rooms is priced at around $313. Since there is still no official launch, Huis Ten Bosch is still yet to disclose the full details about it.

Some people are also scared to take on the challenge because of their fear that the pods might get lost at sea or attacked by sharks.

Are you willing to take on the challenge?


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