Five of the Most Picturesque and Breathtaking Restaurants in the World

Dining while enjoying the view? The Stratosfare restaurant is definitely a must-see. [Image Credit: TripAdvisor]
Dining while enjoying the view? The Stratosfare restaurant is definitely a must-see. [Image Credit: TripAdvisor]

What pops into your mind when you think about restaurants? That’s going to be food, right? Is the food going to be good? Will I get my money’s worth with this? Will the ambiance go to match what we need?

You would like to make your experience in the restaurant to be the best, right? A restaurant which is not too crowded and a restaurant located in a really nice place. Having a good environment while you chew on your food can make it tastier and better.

If you want to visit a new and exciting restaurant or if you just want to experience something new and your palate is not your priority but your eyes, you may want to visit these five restaurants/ These restaurants are located in very unlikely places plus they serve really good food, too!

The Green Dragon Inn

A restaurant where you will feel as if you’re in a Lord of the Rings film.

Are you a Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit fan? If yes, this is the place for you. The Green Dragon Inn is located in the town of Hobbiton, New Zealand. Hobbiton has the picture-perfect panorama with fresh air and lush green farmlands.

[Image Credit: Mindomo]
[Image Credit: Places to See In Your Lifetime]


Overlooking the Lake Wakatipu of Queenstown, this restaurant gives the visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the lake.

Stratosfare is located up high. It is one of the few restaurants with the most natural and most beautiful panoramic view of the city of Queenstown, New Zealand.

[Image Credit: Skyland New Zealand]
[Image Credit: TripAdvisor]

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Dine under the blue waters of Maldives and watch the beautiful ecosystem in a much closer look.

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant speaks its name. You will experience dining under the sea yet your food will not get wet. The restaurant itself is like a clear igloo where you can watch the wonders of the sea while savoring your food.

[Image Credit: Conrad Hotels and Resorts – Hilton]
[Image Credit: TripAdvisor]

El Diablo

A restaurant located on a dormant volcano.

From the name of the place, you will be dining while surrounded by the fire mountains. El Diablo is located on a volcano which has been dormant since 1824. The food here is also cooked with the help of the volcano’s still hot pits.

[Image Credit: Fresh Travel Destinations]
[Image Credit: TripAdvisor]

Restaurant Le 3824

Overlooking the snowy Alps of the mountains.

Would you like to dine in a restaurant 3,842 feet up in the mountains? Enjoy the food while enjoying the scenic view of the sky and the mountains around you.

[Image Credit: Lunch at the Summit of the Aiguille du Midi]
[Image Credit: Elite Readers]

If you will be given a chance to dine to any of these five restaurants, which will choose?


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