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Dog on crack killed owner in front of BBC crew


Mario Perivoitos could still be petting his Staffordshire bull terrier, Major, if only it hadn’t crushed his larynx to death.

The victim got mauled by his dog in front of the BBC crew who’re filming a program about drugs. The program’s producer tried to save Perivoitos from the mad dog but it was all too late.

And the reason for the dog’s sudden change in behavior? Crack cocaine.

Nicholas Carmichael, a veterinary toxicologist, discovered high levels of cocaine and morphine in Major’s urine samples. He believes that the dog ate the drugs causing him to act abnormal.

Besides the crushed larynx, the victim also received neck and face injuries. He lost too much blood that the major trauma hospital where he was rushed into needed ten pints to revive him.

Unfortunately, he died after midnight.

The senior coroner, Andrew Walker, revealed that the victim had taken cocaine before the incident. This gave him an epileptic shock that triggered Major to attack him and bite his face and neck.

The police decided to put the dog down.

Crack cocaine, the crystal form of cocaine, is between 75% and 100% pure than the powdered form. Its effects can be far stronger – and scarier – like what happened to Major which Carmichael mentioned was at eight times the drug drive limit.

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