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Destroy Everything Like a Psycho in New York’s Break Room


If you’re living through days thinking that the world is a mess, it surely is the time to let go.

When we say letting go, it doesn’t always mean going to some yoga and meditation class to breathe out the stress away. Though these may sound relaxing and healthy, there are times when you’ll want some instant relief.

That’s why there are now rage rooms where you can be your mad self crushing things to your heart’s desire.

Located in a basement in a building in midtown Manhattan, there’s The Wrecking Club serving New Yorkers their needed rage items. These include old laptops, phones, and dishes that they can throw and smash many times.

The Wrecking Club’s rage room is also complete with crowbars and baseball bats. There are also office supplies and home décor items you can crush in case you want to imagine yourself wrecking everything in your workplace and/or home.

For $70, you can enjoy unleashing your anger out breaking things safely. Of course you don’t want to leave the rage room bleeding. So it’s a must to wear safety clothing such as heavy jackets, latex gloves, industrial gloves, goggles, and hard hats.

The Wrecking Club isn’t just a new attraction in town for those who had enough of the usual activities like watching movies and eating out.

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