Campaign to Raise Funds to Send Kids to See Black Panther Went Viral

The GoFundMe campaign was a success. [Image Credit: Marvel]
The GoFundMe campaign was a success. [Image Credit: Marvel]

Frederick Joseph, a New York native, wanted to give back to his community in his own little way. With the highly-anticipated Black Panther hitting the theatres next month, Joseph decided to try and raise funds to send the kids of Boys & Girls Club of Harlem for free.

What happened after setting up a GoFundMe page surprised everyone.

What Happened?

Joseph’s initial goal is to reach $10,000. However, after people knew about his kind deed, more than 500 people started donating and the funds now stand an amount of $25,000. The campaign even earned the support of famous people such as Chelsea Clinton, J.J. Adams, and Jamele Hill of ESPN.

I knew I wanted to do something, but wasn’t sure what.

My mother mentioned, “You’re a marketer, why don’t you put those skills to good use?” So, I decided to try and do crowd funding.

[Image Credit: Marvel]

Successful Fund Raising

Joseph’s original plan is to send at least 300 children to see the film, but it changed after the campaign went viral. According to Dominique Jones, the Executive Director of Harlem Boys & Girls Club, over 1,000 children of all ages will be able to see the film.

Children of all colors will see the strong and positive role model like Black Panther, the prince turned king turned superhero who will be fighting for what is right.

Joseph and Jones are currently in the early stages of planning for the big outing for the kids.

We are so proud of Frederick and his commitment to the community. We need more young professionals of color doing this. And they see that it’s fun to give back.


[Image Credit: The Local Guy/Youtube]

After the success of the New York campaign, Joseph is looking at expanding the GoFundMe campaign to other cities.


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