An Apartment with Murals of Dictators and a Waxwork of the Pope for Rent

Dictators will remain in the books and memories for the horrifying acts they’ve done in the past. They’re no heroes but you may find several statues and other artworks displaying these unforgettable people.

If you, for some odd reason, want to see art or items related to these famous dictators, visiting their hometowns can be a great idea.

But if that’s not all possible for now, why not stay in a house where you can find murals dedicated for them?

In London, you’ll find a five-bedroom apartment with a fascinating – yet a bit disturbing – interior design. It starts with a taxidermy zebra facing the living room and images of Stalin and Lenin printed on a throw pillow and couch.

If the zebra is already interesting enough, there’s more to look at in this crazy apartment. The master bedroom is filled with Chinese propaganda posters, Chairman Mao sculptures, clocks and dictator nesting dolls.

For a relaxing day doing nothing, there’s the library where you can find a coffee table made of a missile from Iraq. Take a closer look on the Arabs-and-Americans chess set with pieces including Saddam Hussein and President Bush.

Have a refreshing shower with the mural of Saddam Hussein right beside you. But if that’s not your type, you can choose the bathroom with a large Mao Zedong painting in it.

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