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    Women Have Been Trying On Fake Camel Toe Underwear And They Love It

    camel toe

    There could be nothing more embarrassing for women who accidentally show off their private parts (or even just hints of it) in public. Wardrobe malfunctions, as they call it, aren’t just awkward and uncomfortable, but are also utterly disturbing as well. However, not every female hate it. Some even do it on purpose.

    Women’s camel toe obsession

    camel toe women underwear
    Source: The Oddysey Online and Wikimedia Commons

    However, not every female hate it. Some even do it on purpose.

    An isolated number of women (and men) are apparently wearers of a special type of underwear– the camel toe underwears.

    Camel toe is how people describe the shape of a woman’s genitals that form when they wear fit or tight lower garments such as yoga pants or cycling shorts.

    Most girls would prefer covering up but others prefer showing them.

    A Japanese underwear manufacturer created just that. An underwear that is shaped like a camel toe. This style is popularly known as “party pants”.

    camel toe women underwear
    Source: Asiance Magazine

    They make them by sowing the camel toe mold, which is made of silicone or a thick type of fabric, into the lower part of the underwear itself.

    Some analysts claimed that products like this were marketed to the transgender community with a purpose of concealing their genitals by faking their camel toes.

    camel toe women underwear
    Souce: NextShark and The Iron De

    Women, however, use these party pants in order to seduce more men. The product also claims to “lift and separate” the private lady parts.

    How is that seductive, ladies?

    The garment is available in many different skin-toned shades.

    camel toe women underwear
    Source: NextShark

    Anti-camel toe underwear

    Thankfully, another company in Japan created a product that covers up camel toes.

    camel toe women underwear
    Source: Cuchini

    Their tagline is “Our lips are sealed” pertains to concealing lady’s private “lips” with a use of a pantyliner-like product.

    This is a great product for those who are fond of doing yoga, cycling and even just for casual days when wearing garments that may be revealing to the sensitive parts of the body.

    Source: Elite Readers

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    A Man’s Sperm Is Injected In Chicken Egg To Create Tiny Humans


    Science is unbelievable. Sometimes, it is even crazy. Who would have thought that a “weird” idea about sperm would be getting wild attention from thousands of people and that they are interested in it?

    Life is full of surprises and sometimes, life is just at our fingertips.

    On this page is a video of a man who thought about changing how the world sees humanity.

    What is homunculus?

    This Russian guy tried to create a “homunculus”, a very small, fully formed human being. In an experiment, the man injected his own sperm inside a whole chicken egg.

    Tiny humans sperm
    Source: Youtube

    The idea may have come about because of a certain alchemist named Paracelsus, who believed that creating small human creatures in the lab is indeed possible.

    The old alchemist claimed that an experiment was done similar to his theory but, in a mare’s uterus. The sperm is putrefied for forty days. The result will look a lot similar to man but without a body and it’s transparent.

    “That the sperm of a man be putrfied by itself in a sealed cucurbit for forty days with the highest degree of putrefaction in a horse’s womb, or at least so long that it comes to life and moves itself, and stirs, which is easily observed.

    After this time, it will look somewhat like a man, but transparent, without a body.”

    Tiny humans sperm
    Source: Youtube

    We think that the experiment was inspired by the ancient alchemist’s claims. However, regardless of where the idea came from, we still think it is very interesting.

    A growing form from a sperm

    The outcome may have been pretty scary, but it could be something big in the world of science.

    Tiny humans sperm
    Source: Youtube











    If you won’t believe so, watch the entire video to know how it all went about. Find out if the goal to create a tiny human being is a success or a failure.

    Source: Elite Readers

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    Marlou Arizala’s Grand Revelation After Plastic Surgery

    Hello Davao😍😘💋

    Posted by Hasht5 on Monday, April 11, 2016

    Before he became Xander Ford, Marlou belonged to a parody boy band (Hasht5) whose videos went viral in 2015. The group received tons of negative comments from the netizens which eventually helped build his career.

    Magpapatatoo sya ng lip tint, kilay, magpapatangos ng ilong, magdadagdag ng panga at baba, mag iba ng hairstyle….

    Posted by Rated K on Sunday, September 24, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Rated K)

    Magpapatatoo sya ng lip tint, kilay, magpapatangos ng ilong, magdadagdag ng panga at baba, mag iba ng hairstyle..”

    “He wants lip tint and eyebrow tattoo, a nose job, chiseled jawline, chin implant and a new hairstyle”.


    Posted by Hasht5 on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Source: www.facebook.com (Hasht5)

    Hasht5 Real. Follow On Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoveHasht5Like Our Page: www.facebook.com/Hasht5-HashFibier BeLiebe's ☺♥

    Posted by Hasht5 on Saturday, September 12, 2015

    Source: www.facebook.com (Hasht5)

    Hello Davao😍😘💋

    Posted by Hasht5 on Monday, April 11, 2016

    Source: www.facebook.com (Hasht5)

    From Marlou to Xander Ford

    Just recently, Marlou made noise when he decided to change his screen name to Xander Ford, which the netizens didn’t take seriously.  Days later, the new name made more sense when leaked photos of him in the doctor’s clinic went viral.

    Posted by Star Image Artist Management on Sunday, September 3, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Star Image Artist Management)

    Posted by Senyora on Sunday, September 24, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Senyora)

    The netizens became curious and made him a hot topic in social media. Weeks after going under the knife, the internet sensation finally revealed his new face to the world.

    Posted by Star Image Artist Management on Sunday, September 3, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Star Image Artist Management)

    He was watched by thousands of Filipinos in the hit T.V. show Rated K and made him the top talked about personality in twitter with 99k tweets as Xander Ford, and 78k tweets as Marlou, as of writing.

    The transformation

    In the show, he said,

    Natupad na po ‘yung panagrap ko. Masakit, pero kaya, kasi po ito talaga ‘yung pangarap ko eh. Ito talaga ‘yung goal ko, ‘yung mabago ‘yung sarili ko“.

    “My dreams have finally come true. It may be painful but I was able to get through it because this is my dream. My dream is to be able to change myself.”

    Sino nakapansin sakin sa mga malls na nakaganito ako?***Mamaya Grand Reveal na sa Rated K • 8:30PM!👉🏻 Star Image Artist

    Posted by Xander Ford on Saturday, September 30, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Xander Ford)

    Totoong nasa harapan niyo ako. Binago ko lang siya sa pangalan at ‘yung pagkatao, panlabas ko, para mabago naman din ‘yung tingin sa akin ng ibang tao,” he continued.

    “It is really I that standing in front of you. I changed my name, my identity, and even my physical appearance in order to change how other people see me.”

    Posted by Xander Ford on Friday, September 29, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Xander Ford)

    He is now as confident as ever.

    Marlou’s father went on stage with teary eyes and said, “Nanibago rin lang ako at siyempre, dating kamukha ko, wala na. Wala na.”

    “I feel strange. My old mini-me’ is gone. He is gone.”

    Although he was sad that the identity of his beloved son has changed, he still supports his decision to change.

    Hello #XanderFord.

    Posted by Star Image Artist Management on Sunday, October 1, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Star Image Artist Management)

    Marlou altered his nose, chin, teeth, brows and lips. Many have also observed a more chiseled jawline and a much lighter complexion.

    Thank you Lord!🙏🙏🙏#iconwarrior #believeinthemagic #helloxanderford #docyappy #theiconclinic #realpeople #realresults

    Posted by Eric-Vina Yapjuangco on Sunday, October 1, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Eric-Cina Yapjuangco)

    Thank you Lord!🙏🙏🙏#iconwarrior #believeinthemagic #helloxanderford #docyappy #theiconclinic

    Posted by Eric-Vina Yapjuangco on Sunday, October 1, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Eric-Cina Yapjuangco)

    His transformation wowed the crowd and the online citizens were impressed.

    ITO NA ANG TUNAY NA MUKHA NI #XANDERFORD.Marami sa atin ang hindi talaga kilala ang tunay na ugali at pagkatao ni…

    Posted by Star Image Artist Management on Sunday, October 1, 2017

    Source: www.facebook.com (Star Image Artist Management)

    What’s new

    He, later on, thanked everyone who supported and helped him in his journey and said that all the pain was worth it.

    Marlou altered his nose, chin, teeth, brows and lips. Many have also observed a more chiseled jawline and a much lighter complexion. His transformation wowed the crowd and the online citizens were impressed.

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    Two Bags Containing Illegal Drugs and Thousands of Money! Surrendered by a Taxi Driver

    • An honest taxi driver went to Raffy Tulfo to surrender two bags full of money.
    • Aside from the money, there was also illegal drugs inside the bag.
    • Police officers are now investigating the case.

    Stories of honest taxi drivers being praised and followed by a lot of netizens are well known in this era. Simply because in this life where a lot of dishonest people, we can rarely see someone doing acts of kindness for others by doing their ordinary jobs extra-ordinarily well. This is similar to the features news in Raffy Tulfo’s show in TV5, whereas taxi driver returned two bags of money which he initially thought as “purely money” inside. To his surprise, the bag doesn’t only contain the P300,000 but also a half kilo of what appears to be methamphetamine or commonly labeled as “shabu”.

    To seek proper guidance and follow protocol, the TV Show’s team immediately contacted the authorities to take over the situation. National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Superintendent Oscar Albayalde after investigating went to the show and answered the series of questions given by the reporter. According to him, this is the first time that such thing happened and it is possibly because of the seem to be temporary “cease fire” against drugs.

    The estimated value of the seized “shabu” might be worth up to P300 – P500 thousand pesos. The Quezon City Police District’s (QCPD) station on anti-illegal drugs will coordinate with them for it might have a connection to a ‘buy-bust’ operation by the QC station. It was further added that such paraphernalia might belong to a highly positioned pusher that was seized by the police.

    Meanwhile, the taxi driver who was given the alias “Jolo” was reassured of his safety and he should be a role model to all others for his honesty. An award will whereas to him by the show but other than that, there will be flag raising ceremony to honor the possible taxi driver.



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    Photographer Captures Killer Whale Up in the Air While Chasing Dolphin

    The 60-year-old photographer Christopher Swann was having his tropical vacation in Baja, California, Mexico. He was on his boat when he suddenly noticed a chase going on in the seas.

    He watched several killer whales swimming and hunting for their cute prey – dolphins. He then sailed to follow the whales for 45 minutes until they started attacking a bottlenose dolphin.


    The perfect shot of a killer whale and dolphin up in the air during a chase.
    The perfect shot of a killer whale and dolphin up in the air during a chase.

    Swann talked about how he needed to stop the boat to watch the action as the chase had become too fast to follow. Luckily for him, the chase happened around his spot.

    The whole scenario was dramatic and exciting for the photographer. He even thought a whale would land on his team’s boat when it leapt almost five meters out of the water.

    The hunt lasted for about 90 minutes. No dolphin was seen caught.  This made Swann think that killer whales might also like to play with their prey as the usual attacks are quicker.

    The dolphin landed back to the water after the killer whale sent it up in the air.


    Following the whales and waiting for a few hours were worth it for Swann as he took great shots of the action that may be too fast to see in an actual event.

    One of the best was the shot where you’ll see the whale sending the bottlenose dolphin up in the air. The dolphin and killer whale dived perfectly back in the water.

    Killer whales, also known as orcas or orca whales, have always looked cute when you see them on pictures or videos. However, they pretty much live by their name as they are the ocean’s most fearsome predators.

    No one can stop the killer whale from following its prey.

    What’s more interesting about killer whales is the fact that they are not whales! (Why the name then?) They are dolphins, and the largest among its kind.

    Besides dolphins smaller than them, killer whales also eat fish, squids, seabirds, seals, sea lions, and even whales – the real ones this time.

    The largest killer whale caught was around 32 feet long and 9,979 kilograms. Because of their big size, they belong to the top of the food chain.

    Do you still think these predators are cute?

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    Massive Sinkhole Surprises Biker Who Plunges Straight in It

    Not Safe For Work
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    Life is full of surprises.  You could’ve been happily driving along the peaceful road until a sinkhole eats you alive. That’s what happened in Beihai City, China.

    Caught on CCTV camera, a 32-feet wide sinkhole opened on the road.


    It was only a matter of seconds when the sinkhole appeared; a motorbike rider missed the breaks and went straight down the hole.

    Two civilians who saw the incident helped the biker right away to get out of the surprising massive hole.

    Fortunately, the rider only had minor injuries.

    The police immediately closed the area around the sinkhole. Reparations on the hole started the day after, but it may take days before it can be filled and laid with new asphalt again.

    Sinkholes naturally occur in limestone areas. They happen more in tropical, moist climates than those in dry ones.

    Rocks underground like limestone and gypsum dissolve in water. If water has been long trapped underground, it may cause natural currents that can dissolve the rocks.

    This occurrence weakens the surface that gets thinner until it can’t hold anything above it anymore.

    Sinkholes also occur on grounds that don’t have rocks that dissolve in water. Surfaces with grains down under can break down too as what’s underneath them can be easily washed away by underground water currents.

    It can also be caused by high water pressure below ground. This can be leaks triggered by floods or storms.

    Sinkholes may naturally happen, but they don’t fail to make people surprised, curious, and even scared. It makes you question what the world is up to.

    These sinkholes can get so deep and wide that they can swallow an entire three-story building in Guatemala or even houses in Florida.

    It keeps people freaked out because, of course, no one knows when they’ll fall into a new one.

    Just like this man, Steven Suarez, from New York who’s coming back to work after lunch. While walking down the road in Brooklyn, he stepped on a small sinking hole that dragged him down.

    Lucky enough for him, the sinkhole didn’t swallow him whole. The hole instead got his leg stuck on the spot for an hour until an emergency crew successfully frees his leg and took him to the hospital.

    The world’s deepest sinkhole so far is in Chongqing, China, reaching down 662 meters.

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    The Walking Dead Festival of Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Once someone passes away, it’s time to let go and leave that person underground – literally and figuratively. But in the highlands of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Toraja families open their dead loved ones’ coffins every year to meet them again and celebrate.

    The celebration is called Ma’nene. The annual festival done every August allows the living to meet their dead families and friends, even dead babies and children. The festival runs for three days.

    A walk of the dead around the village

    After digging up every corpse, families will wash them and dress them up like how they used to when they’re alive.

    The Toraja families then take their groomed corpses for a walk through the village.

    The festival isn’t meant to be scary nor sad. Everyone should celebrate and have fun!

    Wearing smiles instead of tears is a way for the Toraja people to respect the dead. Being with them again even after death is a moment of joy everyone needs to celebrate.

    The walk with the dead is also a way for the people to honor those who’ve passed away with hopes of having a good harvest in return.

    Corpses are washed and groomed before going out for their annual walk

    After walking, Torajans sacrifice buffaloes and pigs as an offering to the dead.

    Torajans are an ethnic group indigenous to the mountains of South Sulawesi. They’re known for their view on death as a part of life which isn’t something to be sad about.

    Funerals are rather a celebration and they can get big and expensive. They can even last for months or years.

    After death, a Torajan is embalmed. But instead of getting buried underground, he/she goes back home and stays there with the family. The people at home will still talk and offer food to the dead as if it’s still alive. For them, the dead is “to macula” or a sick person, but his/her soul remains with them.

    Living with the dead as if it’s still alive

    What’s even more interesting about the Torajans’ view on death is its continuous existence through the years with the funeral practices known to exist since the 9th century A.D.

    The tradition even remains even when the Torajans are now mostly practicing Protestants and Roman Catholics – while being in a country where the majority is Muslim.

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    An Apartment with Murals of Dictators and a Waxwork of the Pope for Rent

    Dictators will remain in the books and memories for the horrifying acts they’ve done in the past. They’re no heroes but you may find several statues and other artworks displaying these unforgettable people.

    If you, for some odd reason, want to see art or items related to these famous dictators, visiting their hometowns can be a great idea.

    But if that’s not all possible for now, why not stay in a house where you can find murals dedicated for them?

    In London, you’ll find a five-bedroom apartment with a fascinating – yet a bit disturbing – interior design. It starts with a taxidermy zebra facing the living room and images of Stalin and Lenin printed on a throw pillow and couch.

    If the zebra is already interesting enough, there’s more to look at in this crazy apartment. The master bedroom is filled with Chinese propaganda posters, Chairman Mao sculptures, clocks and dictator nesting dolls.

    For a relaxing day doing nothing, there’s the library where you can find a coffee table made of a missile from Iraq. Take a closer look on the Arabs-and-Americans chess set with pieces including Saddam Hussein and President Bush.

    Have a refreshing shower with the mural of Saddam Hussein right beside you. But if that’s not your type, you can choose the bathroom with a large Mao Zedong painting in it.

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    Destroy Everything Like a Psycho in New York’s Break Room


    If you’re living through days thinking that the world is a mess, it surely is the time to let go.

    When we say letting go, it doesn’t always mean going to some yoga and meditation class to breathe out the stress away. Though these may sound relaxing and healthy, there are times when you’ll want some instant relief.

    That’s why there are now rage rooms where you can be your mad self crushing things to your heart’s desire.

    Located in a basement in a building in midtown Manhattan, there’s The Wrecking Club serving New Yorkers their needed rage items. These include old laptops, phones, and dishes that they can throw and smash many times.

    The Wrecking Club’s rage room is also complete with crowbars and baseball bats. There are also office supplies and home décor items you can crush in case you want to imagine yourself wrecking everything in your workplace and/or home.

    For $70, you can enjoy unleashing your anger out breaking things safely. Of course you don’t want to leave the rage room bleeding. So it’s a must to wear safety clothing such as heavy jackets, latex gloves, industrial gloves, goggles, and hard hats.

    The Wrecking Club isn’t just a new attraction in town for those who had enough of the usual activities like watching movies and eating out.

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    Dog on crack killed owner in front of BBC crew


    Mario Perivoitos could still be petting his Staffordshire bull terrier, Major, if only it hadn’t crushed his larynx to death.

    The victim got mauled by his dog in front of the BBC crew who’re filming a program about drugs. The program’s producer tried to save Perivoitos from the mad dog but it was all too late.

    And the reason for the dog’s sudden change in behavior? Crack cocaine.

    Nicholas Carmichael, a veterinary toxicologist, discovered high levels of cocaine and morphine in Major’s urine samples. He believes that the dog ate the drugs causing him to act abnormal.

    Besides the crushed larynx, the victim also received neck and face injuries. He lost too much blood that the major trauma hospital where he was rushed into needed ten pints to revive him.

    Unfortunately, he died after midnight.

    The senior coroner, Andrew Walker, revealed that the victim had taken cocaine before the incident. This gave him an epileptic shock that triggered Major to attack him and bite his face and neck.

    The police decided to put the dog down.

    Crack cocaine, the crystal form of cocaine, is between 75% and 100% pure than the powdered form. Its effects can be far stronger – and scarier – like what happened to Major which Carmichael mentioned was at eight times the drug drive limit.


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    A Modern Day Cinderella! Beautiful Vietnamese Dishwasher Goes Trending!

    Have you heard about the modern day Cinderella story of this Vietnamese girl?

    The 24-year-old beauty sparked the curiosity and interest of netizens as a photo of her washing the dishes circulated online. She doesn’t seem to be a dishwasher at all but a real princess! So let’s take a look at the world of this Cinderella beauty!

    Looking at her photo, you might be thinking that she’s a model, an artist, or someone who came from a very wealthy family. Her angelic face has truly captured the hearts of so many people. So what’s her real story?

    Surprisingly, she’s currently a student at the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. Aside from that, she also managed to help her parents in working at their restaurant since she was 14. She’s not merely a dishwasher! She also goes around the nearby areas and distributes flyers and leaflets and she also gives a hand in the kitchen area of the restaurant! Isn’t that amazing?



    She dreams to be a successful app developer when she graduates so she can help her parents further. A beauty that comes from within and radiated through her face!


    Is it really possible that a girl like her would not only be simply beautiful but also loving, diligent, and tech-savvy! She’s really one of a kind!


    Tell us below how you appreciate Nguyen Thi Hai Yen; the modern Cinderella!

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    Tagaytay Wedding for Beauty Gonzalez And Her Fiancé Norman Crisologo!

    Our favorite artist, the funny and witty Beauty Gonzales tied the know with her fiance Norman Crisologo which was held in Tagaytay. Immediate family members, as well as close friends, were there to witness the special and momentous event of their lives!

    And of course, the ceremony will not be complete without the person who played her role as a cupid in introducing each other way back in 2014. From then on, the couple started their seemingly sweet and adventurous life together.

    The bride was wearing a simple yet elegant white gown. She was simply and naturally beautiful that everyone can’t take their eyes off her as she walked the aisle.

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